Whether building a new deck or replacing the surface of an existing deck, low maintenance composite decking is a great choice. 

Composite decking comes in two distinct types.

  • 1st generation composites - A mixture of plastic and cellulose filler (typically wood fibers).

  • Capped composite - Capped composite decking has a core made of 1st generation composite that has been encapsulated in a 100% plastic shell.  This makes it more resistant to staining, and fading as well as easier to maintain than the previous versions of composite decking.  Another advantage of capped composite decking is that it comes in a wider range of colors and grain patterns than first generation composite materials.


In most circumstances we no longer recommend 1st generation composites such as Timbertech's Relia Board.  First generation composite decking has exposed wood fibers making it more susceptible to grease/oil stains and surface mildew. The newer capped composite decking has proven to be a better preforming and more attractive products.  

Reduce your deck maintenace

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