low maintenance deck with ramp in Anacortes

Low Maintenance Deck with Ramp for Accessibility


The original entrance to the home was a small wooden porch with steps leading to it that the owner was having problems negotiating.  We replaced the steps with an ADA compliant ramp and eliminated the difference in height from the deck to the threshold of the front door.  We also added a large wrap around deck to enjoy their yard and the stunning view of Mount Baker without having to traverse uneven or rough terrain.


The materials for this project were selected to reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep the deck looking its best.


  • PVC decking with aluminum picket railing
  • Street view of deck showing the PVC fascia and aluminum picket railing.
  • Looking from the walkway up the ramp on a clear day, Mt. baker in the background.
  • A picture of the were deck and front door threshold meet.  It was important to eliminate as many obstacles as possible.
  • Side yard deck: This portion of the project is at the same level as the front deck and the inside floor of the house.
  • Detail of the ramp/sidewalk interface: Stainless steel diamond plate makes for a smooth transition between concrete and low maintenance decking.




  • Timbertech XLM PVC Decking in "River Rock" and "Harborstone" installed with hidden fasteners.
  • Maintenance free aluminum picket railing.  
  •  Western Red Cedar deck skirting.


  • Design
  • Deck framing and decking
  • Railing installation
  • Permitting
  • Skirting

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