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  • Recent project: Paver deck with infinity glass railing in Anacortes, WA.

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    Recent project: Paver deck with infinity glass railing in Anacortes, WA.

     Recent project: Paver deck with Infinity glass railing in Anacortes, WA.

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    Here is a nice little project we just finished on a new home in Anacortes.  Ours was the first room to be completed and as you can tell by the furniture the owners are loving it, I am pretty sure they sit on the deck and watch the craftsmen working on the rest of their home. 

    Recent project: Paver deck with infinity glass railing in Anacortes, WA.


    The deck surface is 16"x16" concrete pavers with a waterproof membrane below making the area under the deck dry.  This setup is awesome, so much better than the vinyl deck membranes used on most "waterproof" decks you see.  With this system you get an extremely durable, low maintenance deck surface, a heavy duty commercial grade "roof" for the area below, and it looks great

    The railing is an Infinity glass railing in classic black with a clean modern look that doesn’t get in the way of the stunning views of the San Juan Islands. 

    Any railing that meets current building codes can protect your friends and loved ones while on your deck, but only a glass Infinity from DEXPERTS can protect your view !

     If you are thinking about a deck, railing, or other exterior project give us a call I am sure we can help.

  • Anacortes Decking Replacment

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    Decking replacment in Anacortes, WA


    Here is a project we recently completed in Anacortes, WA

    We removed the existing deck surface and replaced it with 5/4x5 Cedar decking fastened with stainless steel screws.

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    We recently completed a cedar re-deck near Anacortes, WA. 

    The original decking was 5/4” x 4” cedar decking that, while it had been maintained regularly, was nearing the end of its useful life.  The owner had replaced a few boards over the last few years and decided it was time to replace the entire deck. 

     Existing cedar deck near Anacortes, WA

    We discussed options for new decking.  Under consideration were Timbertech brand composite decking, mahogany and cedar.  Even though the manmade materials offered lower maintenance and longer life, the owner and his wife simply preferred the look and feel of real wood.  Mahogany was ruled out as it exceeded the project’s budget.  The choice was made to install Western Red Cedar decking. 

    Normally cedar decking is milled to a nominal 5/4” x 4” dimension (actual measurements being 1” x 3 ½”) or 2x4 or 2x6.  Because the original decking had been 5/4” material we wanted the new decking to match so it would fit beneath the door thresholds and existing railings.  We were able to source a slightly wider 5/4” x 5” which fit better with the scale of the project. 

    The first phase of the construction process was to carefully remove the existing decking.  Once the framing was exposed we inspect for any signs of rot or decay, make sure all flashings along the house are functioning properly and confirm that all hardware and bolts are installed correctly and not corroded.  This was a well constructed deck and everything is in great shape.

     The deck's frame once the decking was removed

    Now we can begin installing the new decking.  We fasten the 5/4” x 5” cedar decking with two 2 1/2” stainless steel trim-head screws into every joist.  Face-screwing provides a secure connection and allows boards to be removed easily if they need to be replaced in the future. 


    New Cedar Decking Being applied to the existing deck frame

    The decking process goes fairly quickly.  We installed nearly 800 square feet of decking, including a mitered border, in about two days.  While we work efficiently, we don’t rush the process.  It is important to check periodically that the courses of decking are running straight and parallel to the house and outside of the deck.  We also square the ends of all the boards and inspect them for any cracks or defects.

    New cedar decking fully installed


    The finished product, just in time for summer BBQs!

    All done with this Anacortes Cedar deck with stain



    If you have a deck that is getting long in the tooth CALL DEXPERTS! We can turn your existing deck into a thing of Beauty.